Commercial Water Play Equipment For Kids of All Ages

Commercial Water Play Equipment For Kids of All Ages

Cool off and play with water slide playground equipment designed for kids of all ages. Cooling water plays helps prevent children from overheating during hot summer days while playing outdoors.

Playing with water is an exciting sensory experience that helps foster children’s natural fascination with the natural properties of water. Watching toys float and sink helps children learn about buoyancy and weight.

Water Slides

Whether they’re twisting, turning tube rides or flat-out plummeting down steep slopes, water slides are fun, thrilling and sophisticated works of engineering. The most popular waterslides feature high-speed drops that deliver big thrills to millions of visitors each year. Some of the most popular are straight, like Atlantis Paradise Island’s Leap of Faith and Kentucky Kingdom’s Deep Water Dive, while others are curved. They also vary in size and rider-riding methods, such as body slides where riders sit directly on the slide or rafts which seat 2 or 3 kids in line.

From a physics perspective, water slides work in a similar way to roller coasters, plunging riders down steep incline over a series of dips and bumps before dropping them into a run-out chute, often with a long pool at the base, to slow them down gradually. However, water slides must be designed to accommodate a wide range of rider sizes and levels, from tiny toddlers up through teens.

Inflatable water slides are a great addition to any family-friendly aquatic play environment, but they’re especially popular with older children who enjoy the challenge and excitement of sliding down giant inflatable water slides. These slides can be as short as 20 feet and up to 330 feet and are available in single lane or dual lane options. They also come in a wide range of colors from bright primary and secondary shades to translucent options that let natural light shine through.

Dump Buckets

Whether your facility is new or an existing play area, it’s important to think through the type of water features you want to include. Space conscious ground spray elements offer a cost-effective approach. However, if you have the space, above-ground equipment like dumping buckets and spray rings can create more interactive water play and increase visitor engagement.

These water park additions are a fun way for kids to work on their gross motor skills as they try to outrun the dump bucket before getting soaked. They also commercial water play equipment encourage communicative play with friends as they take turns trying to avoid the dumping action and the exhilaration of running away just in time.

Commercial-grade dumping buckets feature high reaches to reduce loader travel and time. They can be mounted on the side of the truck or in the center for more control over material placement. A patented dual-cushioned cylinder increases lift and reach, reducing vibrations during use. A hydraulic lock secures the non-pivot end when dumping and prevents it from moving during operation. This enables operators to dump over trucks or trenches without obstructing traffic. This feature has a higher up-front cost than a standard bucket but it recoups this investment with improved efficiency and productivity returns over time. It’s an ideal solution for highway construction, tunnel construction and other confined applications.

Ground Sprays

Spraygrounds are fun alternatives to water slides and provide a low-liability way for kids to cool off and stay active during the dog days of summer. These above ground features are designed to encourage children of all ages and abilities to interact with the environment through intentional activities and games, such as Hop-Scotch and water sequencing. They can also be integrated with surface iconography and theme painted top plates for added meaning and aesthetics.

Splash pads are simple ways to introduce water play to playgrounds, daycare facilities and other commercial sites. They consist of ground nozzles that spray water up from the surface in various configurations. Some are motion or hand-activated to prevent prolonged water usage and allow for easy operation. Others are powered by hyper-efficient jets that reduce water consumption by more than 70%. The versatility of these products makes them perfect for a wide range of locations, including drought-sensitive areas.

If you’re looking for more than just splash pads, consider a full-scale water park. These larger installations offer more aquatic attractions to attract families and keep kids busy all day long. They can include water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools and more. They can even feature dancing water and other specialized effects to add an entertaining, sensory rich experience that will draw crowds to city centers and town squares.

Themed Components

Whether it’s spraying bubbles that tickle kids, water shooting up and down, or billions of splashing jets, themed components offer off the charts sensory fun. And they can be customized to suit any theme, with options for lighting, water-feature sequencing, and more.

Using the input component strategy from UI Prep’s Design System, you can easily create commercial water play equipment themes that manage state and variants efficiently. Start with a theme master, then apply overrides to create your unique theme. Once you’re ready, swap nested instances, toggle visibility on/off, or update text. The changes will automatically update all the themed components nested inside the theme.

From playful hippo heads that defy gravity to larger-than-life lily pads that challenge balance, these contemporary structures look inspirational standing still but move children into thrilling aqua play experiences. Add these to your aquatic park or splash pad for a fully immersive experience that’s rich in inclusive, nature play and movement, and delights kids of all ages.

Unlike sprinklers, our commercial water play equipment is designed to reduce the amount of water that’s wasted by running off the ground or down sidewalks. Our aquatic playground equipment uses sensors to detect the presence of people, and pumps only the amount of water needed in that area. Plus, many of our products feature built-in filtration and recycling systems to help conserve water even further.

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