Commercial Water Play Equipment

Commercial Water Play Equipment

Add a refreshing splash to your play space with our commercial water playground equipment. Kids ages toddler to teen will thrill to water slides and exhilaration from dumping buckets and ground sprays.

Water play also fosters early interest in science and math. Watching toys float and sink, filling containers and measuring can help children learn basic concepts like weight, size and volume.

Water Slides

Water slides are one of the most iconic forms of commercial water play equipment. They’re fun and exciting, offering a thrill for guests of all ages. They’re also an essential part of water parks and splash pads.

When it comes to designing water slides, engineers have to think about three main forces: gravity, friction, and inertia. Gravity pulls people down the slide, while water reduces friction by commercial water play equipment acting as a lubricant and pushing riders from behind.

There are many different types of water slides, and they work in slightly different ways. Speed slides plunge riders straight down an incline and dump them into a pool or long run-out chute at the base. Body slides are a little more complicated, sending riders on a straight path down the ride without any rafts or tubes.

Riders on body slides can smack into sides of the slide or each other at the bottom of the slide, increasing injuries. Inner tube slides are safer for these rides because they offer riders a ride on an inflatable inner tube, which prevents them from hitting each other and reduces friction.

For the most exciting waterslides, light and sound packages are available. These features can transform any waterslide into a multi-sensory experience. They’re a great way to draw in more visitors and increase revenue for your park.

Dump Buckets

Dump buckets are a great way to increase play value in a water park or splash pad installation. Simple in concept, kids and adults love the anticipation of waiting for the buckets to fill up, and then squealing with excitement when they hit the ground. These are a perfect addition to any play structure or standalone piece in your commercial water park playground.

High dump buckets allow loaders to reach higher dumping points, saving time and money by eliminating the need to repeatedly reposition equipment to achieve proper dumping. This type of bucket has a central hydraulic system with two pivot mechanisms to lift and dump materials. They also have a smaller main frame than standard buckets. Depending on the loader, a high dump bucket may have either center or side-mounted hydraulic cylinders. This affects how the bucket tilts and tips.

The Jenkins Iron & Steel high dump bucket increases vertical lift by approximately 44” and extends reach by 13”. With dual-cushioned, Rockland built cylinders, the heavy-duty high dump bucket is designed for precision handling of any material. A grease-able pivot point is standard, and a replaceable bolt-on cutting edge is available for enhanced performance. The hydraulic lock prevents the bucket from moving when the cylinder is not engaged, helping to avoid wasting time and materials. This attachment is easy to install and is compatible with a variety of skid steer loader models.

Ground Sprays

Add a splash of water play to a traditional playground with ground sprays. These nozzles that mist, bubble or gush are a hit with younger kids who love to run through the cool splashes of water. They are also an excellent choice for commercial parks and community centers as they require less space than water slides or full-scale water parks.

Themes are a big draw in the park design world and our range of theme-inspired ground sprays offer opportunities to match your aquatic park with its surroundings or other attractions. Whether you are looking for a specific animal, character or scene, our designers will find the right components to bring your vision to life.

Light Commercial Grade Above Ground Splash Pad Features

CR Design Studio’s line of light commercial above-ground spray park equipment is an affordable way to add water play elements to any daycare, apartment complex or shopping center. Constructed of PVC, this lightweight material is designed to withstand a high volume of play and offers a great return on investment for your project.

Create a unique, inviting water attraction that is low-cost to maintain and safe for families with water pads. Splash pads are commercial water play equipment similar to spray parks in their ability to provide a fun, water-based recreation area but they are specifically designed with the needs of children up to age 12, taking up significantly less space. Water pads use integrated recirculation systems to minimize the need for constant refilling.

Themed Components

Most children are naturally fascinated by water, and bringing it into the playground is a great way to encourage a natural curiosity and exploration. In addition to being fun, water play is also a social and educational experience that can teach kids about physics and other concepts. Sand and water sensory play equipment like our mermaid fountain and dolphin work station allow children to explore the squishy sand and slippery water while learning to take turns and collaborate with friends.

Streams and fountains are another great option for outdoor water play because they allow children to relax and create their own imaginative play scenarios. They can pretend to be a river or seashore and engage in creative storytelling. Some even feature lights and water-feature sequencing for an extra special touch.

Aquatic playgrounds are the perfect place for children to cool off on hot summer days and provide a refreshing alternative to traditional outdoor playgrounds. With their sprinkling sprays, bubbling streams and fun water-based games, these play spaces are the perfect destination for families who want to make memories together. And because they don’t use standing water, aquatic playgrounds are a great choice for communities and schools with tighter budgets and space constraints.

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