Water Park Equipment For Sale

water park equipment for sale

Water Park Equipment For Sale

Kids can overheat quickly, especially when playing outside on hot summer days. Commercial splash pads offer a fun and safe way to cool down without the risks associated with swimming and wading pools.

Featuring above ground spray events, games and cause-and-effect activities, Aquatix aquatic playground equipment structures provide an inclusive, sensory rich nature play experience in water for children of all abilities. ADA accessible too!

Water Slides

Water slides are a fun, exciting way to keep kids active and happy. They’re also great for increasing revenue and attracting new visitors to your business.

Water slide engineering is complex and involves many different disciplines, such as fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and electrical control systems. It’s important to use a qualified professional when choosing your water slide manufacturer, as they can help ensure that your equipment meets industry standards and is safe for all ages to enjoy.

Inflatable water slides are affordable and easy to set up. They’re also environmentally friendly and require a small amount of water to operate. This makes them a great option for anyone with limited space or budget.

Body slides are a type of water slide that allows riders to lie or sit directly on the surface of the slide. They are typically more dangerous than other types of water slides because riders can easily collide with each other or hit the sides of the slide. They may also suffer more severe injuries if they fall off the slide.

Water Houses

Water houses are the perfect way to add off-the-chart fun to your water park and bring it to life. Featuring sprays, dumping buckets and ground sprays, these unique elements are a delightful sensory experience for children of all ages and abilities.

Adding water houses to water park equipment for sale your water park will make kids want to play at your facility for longer during each visit. This means they’ll spend more money on food and souvenirs at your concession stand, increasing revenue for the park.

Our contemporary designs look inspirational standing still, but offer playful interaction with the water when incorporated into an aquatic playground or splash pad. From larger-than-life sculpted pieces to encourage balance and coordination, to curving lines that reveal hidden water surprises, our water play structures are sure to delight your audience. We also offer turnkey AquaSmart packages that include everything you need for your water park project. Our expert sales team will guide you through each step of your water park development process. From 3D design, facilitating local and state permitting to site supervision and system start up.

Water Fountains

Water fountains come in a variety of sizes and designs, each of which are designed to appeal to different senses. Many fountains emit a calming sound, which can help relieve stress. The sound of running water can also drown out unwanted noises, such as barking dogs or loud street traffic. This can be particularly helpful if you live in an urban area or live close to neighbors who like to throw noisy parties.

Other fountains can be more complex, with multiple pumps and nozzles that allow the water to flow in several directions. They may also have accessories, such as mirrored spheres, buckets or water park equipment for sale other items that can be used to interact with the water in various ways. Some fountains may even have LED lights that can be turned on for a special effect at night.

In addition to providing a relaxing sound, indoor water fountains can also provide an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. The production and transportation of bottled water is an unnecessary waste of energy. Water fountains, on the other hand, can reduce the amount of plastic waste and save money in the long run.

Ground Sprays

A simple but endlessly fun water park attraction, ground sprays offer kids of all ages the chance to cool off and play in the splash of billions of bubbles. Combine them with water sequencing and surface iconography for intentional activities or games like Hop-Scotch and you’ll create an immersive experience that drives more visits.

Kids love chasing jets, streams and geysers that shoot up from the ground. Add LED lights and music for added interactivity, and you’ll have a full-on aquatic playground experience your visitors will remember.

Add more than a splash of fun to your splash pad with larger-than-life sculptural pieces that bring the story to life. From whimsical creatures to giant hippo heads, our turnkey installations offer the right-sized adventure for children while making your waterpark stand out from the crowd.

Themed Components

Inspire families to visit your water park with unforgettable, interactive elements that make your facility stand out from the competition. We offer themed water slides, sculpted larger-than-life pieces that maximize fun and a wide range of other components to enhance your facility’s theme and attract more visitors.

Water playground equipment offers a sensory rich, inclusive play experience for children of all ages and abilities. Explore aquatic playground equipment adventures like spray canons, dumping buckets and ground sprays.

Simple in concept but endlessly fun, these splash worthy features entertain for hours as billions of bubbles tickle and water shoots up and tumbles down. Add special effects with lighting and water-feature sequencing for a truly spectacular attraction. These water play elements will delight all ages and are the perfect way to mark your theme.

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