Water Playground Equipment

water playground equipment

Water Playground Equipment

Water play fosters children’s natural fascination with water and helps them develop important skills like measuring, comparing size, and understanding cause and effect. It also encourages a healthy sense of adventure and teaches them to explore new challenges.

Adding interactive aquatic playground equipment to your park is a great way to cool off and have fun. From dumping buckets to ground sprays, kids can experience water manipulation and interactive gameplay in zero-depth aquatic adventures.

Water Slides

Water slides might seem like simple, kid-friendly fun, but they’re actually sophisticated works of engineering. From the first patented water slide in 1923, to today’s longest slide in the world, it takes a lot of creativity and engineering to build something that’s both wildly thrilling and safe.

Pumps push water to the top of a water slide and gravity pulls it (and sliders) back down, reducing friction so that riders travel quickly. Engineers think about things like how a body’s shape, weight and clothing affect its ability to glide or sink as it lands on the slide, and how the surface itself is designed to help sliders keep their grip without slipping.

There are a wide variety of water slides, from inflatable home versions to large commercial waterslides that can be set up for sliding directly into swimming pools or long run-out chutes. Some water slides are designed to resemble wet playground slides, while others are more like inner tube rides.

Water slides are a great way to bring out a tyke’s competitive instincts and race against siblings or friends. Many kids water slides are designed with safe, separate lanes to allow for a little friendly competition while minimizing the risk of injury. Inner tube slides, on the other hand, may cause more serious injuries if riders smack into each other at the bottom of the ride or if they fall off their tubes while riding.

Dump Buckets

We manufacture high dump buckets that are centered- or side-mounted. The difference in positioning has a significant impact on how the bucket handles materials. Center-mounted cylinders allow for a water playground equipment more centralized tipping action while side-mounted cylinders enable the bucket to self-tip from the sides. For heavy-duty applications we also have a unique outer pocket design that moves the cylinders outside of the bucket, preventing the material from sticking in areas where it would normally stick in conventional buckets.

Our patented skid steer high dump bucket increases your loader’s vertical lift and reach by approximately 44″ and 13″. This allows you to quickly handle materials on highway construction sites, trenches and roadways without blocking traffic. It is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to fit different loader models and jobs.

The hydraulic lock valve prevents the bucket from free falling when dumping and the tilt cylinder can be engaged using a mechanical lock for additional security. When the operator is ready to move, a simple hand lever or remote rope release can be used to lower the bucket back to the ground and reset it for another load. This attachment is great for loading sand, gravel, dirt and loose landscape material or for clean-up work around a equipment or supply yard.

Splash Pads

A splash pad is a recreation area that sprays, rains or shoots water at people to create a zero-depth aquatic play experience. Sometimes called interactive fountains or spray parks, splash pads can be stand-alone or part of larger community recreation water playground equipment facilities. They can help communities reduce costs and staffing needs, while still providing fun summertime activities for the whole family.

Splash pads are designed so that standing water does not build up to reduce the risk of drowning and do not usually meet local, state, or federal guidelines as a swimming pool. While they do not require the use of lifeguards, they can still cause injury and should be supervised at all times by adults. They also do not usually meet the definition of a public pool and may be subject to less stringent disinfection requirements than pools, such as a minimum chlorine or bromine concentration of 4 ppm.

The popularity of splash pads is partly due to their ease of operation and maintenance compared to a traditional pool. They are also typically free to use, making them a great summertime alternative for families with young children.

While it is recommended that people wear waterproof shoes or sandals at most splash pads to avoid slipping, splash pads are generally considered safe and accessible for those who cannot swim. They are not a suitable substitute for swimming pools, however, and should only be used when the water is clean, chlorinated, and adequately disinfected.

Water Play Structures

Children naturally love water and using water to play is a safe, healthy way for kids to release energy and let off steam. Water play can also help kids build physical and cognitive skills as they use their imagination and learn about the world around them. Adding interactive water playground equipment to a park or recreation area can enhance the experience for all ages and abilities.

Aquatic playgrounds (also known as commercial splash pads) are an ideal community recreational attraction that will draw visitors to outdoor destinations in warmer months. With no standing water, they are a safer and more economical option than swimming or wading pools. Arihant offers a wide variety of water modules to fit any space and theme. From a surfer’s paradise to a wild west adventure, the options are endless.

Create an aquatic environment that makes a statement with water playground equipment, including water slides and interactive spray and splash elements. These fun water features add exciting atmosphere to parks and recreation areas, keeping families entertained for hours on end. Water activity features can be added to existing parks or installed as part of a full-scale water park. With unique designs, such as water that dances to music or uses colored lighting, these features can attract attention and increase footfalls to entertainment spots.

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