The Benefits of a Fender Flare

The Benefits of a Fender Flare

A Fender Flare is a truck & Jeep accessory that extends from the fender to cover the tire, helping protect the wheel well. They also add style and a unique touch to your vehicle’s appearance.

They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. They may even come paintable for a truly one-of-a-kind look.


Fender flares provide an array of benefits to your vehicle, ranging from body protection to improved aesthetics. They come in a variety of styles, and can be painted to match your truck’s body color.

The most important function of fender flares is that they keep mud, rocks, and other debris from being kicked up from your tires. This debris can cause a lot of damage to your tires and other vehicles on the road. This can also lead to accidents and injuries.

Many states have laws that make it illegal to drive with large, wide tires without a set of fender flares installed. These laws are designed to protect other drivers from being thrown out of their cars by the mud and rocks that are being kicked up from your tires.

Aside from protecting your truck, fender flares improve its appearance by covering the top of your tires. This is especially important if you have wider tires, as it will add extra tire coverage and reduce the risk of rocks and other road debris being thrown from your wheels at other drivers on the road.

There are four to six different types of fender flares that you can choose from, depending on your specific needs. These include factory-style, OE style, street style, flat fender flares, and painted flares.

Factory-style fender flares are designed to mimic the look and feel of your car’s original equipment. These flares are often smaller in size and will be painted to match the colors of your truck or Jeep’s body.

OE-style fender flares are designed with the same goal in mind as factory-style, but are made to reflect the design of your rig. These flares are typically painted to match the colors of your truck or SUV’s body, but can be made to reflect a secondary color as well.

For added protection, fender flares should be lined with trim. This trim will not only give the fender flares a finished look, but it will also help to prevent rust and other damages from taking place. This trim is manufactured with ozone-resistant EPDM rubber that mounts between the flare and the body. The rubber is then coated with 3M automotive grade tape to create a solid bond between the two surfaces.


Fender flares offer an excellent way to customize the look of your truck. They are generally easy to install, and you can choose a variety of colors and finishes to match your truck’s paint job.

Some styles are designed to complement the body lines of your vehicle, while others are meant to cover up minor damage or rust. Some are even required by State law for certain vehicles. In addition, these accessories are commonly used to increase tire coverage and height.

Depending on the brand, there are several different styles available. These include OE style, Street, Pocket/Bolt, and Extended. Each one is designed for a specific make and model of truck or SUV.

OEM or Original Equipment (OE) Style: This style of fender flare is the standard for many trucks, especially those that are low-key and have an aesthetic appeal. They are usually smaller than the Street or Pocket/Bolt style, and give your truck a more stock-looking appearance.

These flares are typically more streamlined and don’t protrude as far from the front of your fenders as other styles, making them a great option for show-room cars. They’re also preferred by those who want to hide a small amount of body rust or damage.

Street Flare: The most common type of fender flare, Street Flares provide a sleek, low-profile appearance and extra protection around the wheel wells and fenders. They are usually smaller than OE style flares, and can be found on most showroom-style vehicles.

Some Street Flares are even pre-painted to match your truck’s color, allowing you to customize the look Fender Flare of your ride. These flares are a must-have for anyone who wants to upgrade their truck’s appearance and give it a custom look without spending a fortune on new bodywork.

Pocket/Bolt Style: Pocket/Bolt flares are another popular style, providing extra coverage to your fenders while giving your vehicle a tougher look. They’re also extremely durable and have a rugged appearance that will stand up to years of use and abuse.


Whether you’re running mud flaps or wide tires on your truck, you’ll want a set of durable fender flares to protect the front of your vehicle. Not only do they prevent mud, rocks, and debris from splattering on your fenders, but they also provide additional protection from other vehicles on the road.

There are many different fender flares available, so it’s important to know which one is right for you. Some fender flares are designed to match your vehicle’s original equipment, while others are more rugged and oversized. There are even fender flares that are designed for off-road use and feature heavy duty materials to keep your truck safe from rocks, dirt, and debris while you’re driving through the desert.

Aside from protecting your vehicle, fender flares are an affordable way to make your ride look more aggressive. Most fender flares are paintable, so you can customize your truck’s exterior to give it a unique style.

You can choose from a variety of fender flare styles, including OE-style replicas, street-legal, and extra-wide pocket flares. There are even fender flares designed specifically for off-road use, such as Bushwacker’s Dura-Flex 2000 series fender flares.

The durability of fender flares is important because they are often exposed to harsh weather conditions and high temperatures. These are a great way to protect your vehicle’s body from the elements, and they can also help prevent rust from developing on the fender and quarter panels of your truck.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Yjracing makes universal fender flares that fit most standard sized cars on the market. These fenders are made from polyurethane, which is an excellent material for the job.

They’re also extremely durable, resistant to rust and water, and won’t hold onto debris like other types of fender flares can. They also come with a weather stripping that lines the top of the fender, which helps prevent debris from making its way inside.

Yjracing also offers a variety of fender flares for various vehicles, so you’re sure to find the perfect set for your truck. In addition to these fender flares, the company sells a variety of other truck accessories that will help you get the most out of your vehicle.


Fender flares are a great way to protect your vehicle’s body, while also offering an extra rugged look. They are commonly installed on pickups and SUVs in areas where rust is a problem. They are also popular for those who like to go off-road and need extra protection from mud, sticks, rocks and other debris that might come into contact with the tire tread.

There are four or six different styles of fender flares, and each style is Fender Flare designed to meet a specific need. They can also be purchased in a variety of colors to match your personality. If you plan to paint them, select flares that can withstand the sun’s UV rays.

First, orient the flares so that the bottom edge is aligned with the bottom of your fender and the front fits flush against the bumper. If you’re installing flares for debris protection, make sure that they extend past the edge of your fender.

Next, mark the holes where you need to drill them. Be sure to use the marks as a guide. You can even mark the holes with a paint marker to get it right every time.

Remove any plastic fasteners still in fender to expose bolts or rivets. This is especially important if your vehicle has splash shield in place, which is located inside of the inner fender well.

If your vehicle has splash shield, remove the plastic retaining clips from both sides of the flare/splash shield and save them for reinstallation.

To install the Flare/Splash Shield, follow the instructions on the installation sheet that comes with the kit. This will vary from model to model, but it should include steps for removing the factory splash shield and installing the flare/splash shield.

Before beginning, ensure that you have the necessary tools and equipment for the job. You’ll need a flat head screwdriver and a drill. You’ll also need some pliers, scissors and a small pry tool to loosen the factory bolts or rivets in your fender.

After completing the installation, you’ll be ready to enjoy the added protection that the Fender Flare provides! It’s easy to do, and the process should take no longer than an hour.

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