Dual Lens Security Camera

Dual Lens Secuirty Camera

Dual Lens Security Camera

A dual-lens camera has two lenses that see the same scene from different perspectives. The result is one final image with better focus and depth of field compared to single-lens cameras.

The Reolink Duo 2 is a powerful dual-lens security camera that offers many useful features. It has a wide-angle and telephoto lens, smart motion detection that recognizes vehicles or people, and night vision with black-and-white or color illumination.

Panoramic Viewing

This dual-lens WiFi camera combines two cameras into one unit to simplify installation. It also creates Dual Lens Secuirty Camera quality images and videos at a high resolution to protect your property day and night.

It consists of twin 4 Megapixel fixed 2.8mm lenses with a wide-angle view of 105° to capture more of your space. The combined image is a seamless panorama with no blind spots and less distortion than single-lens IP cameras.

In addition to panoramic viewing, it has built-in person/vehicle detection and line crossing detection to focus on what matters most. This is a huge advantage because it eliminates many false alarms caused by things like light change, animals, rains, and more so users can focus on real threats.

A dual-lens setup improves low-light performance by using one lens for color and another for black and white. This allows each lens to focus on specific areas of the scene, improving clarity and enhancing depth of field.

A PTZ camera with a dual-lens is a powerful solution for surveillance of large spaces and high traffic areas. It’s ideal for industrial and commercial environments, such as warehouses, stores, and office buildings. Made of stainless steel, it offers resistance to corrosion for use in harsh environments such as marine and railway applications. It is also a great choice for CCTV monitoring of outdoor public areas, such as ports and roadways.

Video Stitching Technology

Image/video stitching is a method of combining a series of images or videos into one wide field of view (FOV) image/video. It solves the problems caused by a narrow FOV of single cameras such as ghosting and blurring, and is widely used in fields such as video surveillance and panoramic tourism.

Generally speaking, image/video stitching consists of two phases: (1) registering and aligning the input images/videos; (2) merging the aligned images/videos to generate the final panoramic image. Pixel-based methods register and align overlapping images by directly minimizing pixel-to-pixel dissimilarities, while feature-based methods use sparse feature descriptors to select the matching features within a given region of each input image/video and then perform feature matching in the gradient domain rather than intensity domain to minimize the resulting seam.

Most recent feature-based methods adopt a coarse-to-fine strategy: SURF and RANSAC are first performed to roughly align the input images/videos, then mesh-based alignment optimization is employed to further refine the alignment. The resulting panoramic images/videos can be free of blurring, distortion and seam artifacts.

This enables the dual lens security camera to stitch the two views into one panoramic view and realize double the coverage, ensuring that Dual Lens Secuirty Camera no important details will be missed. Furthermore, the dual-lens camera is also equipped with many advanced detection capabilities such as person/vehicle recognition and night vision, allowing it to effectively deter intruders from entering your property.

Person/Vehicle Detection

With dual-lens technology, this outdoor security camera from Reolink takes the guesswork out of monitoring a large area. Traditional cameras with a narrow viewing angle can only see what is directly in front of them and omit the surrounding areas. Wide-angle outdoor cameras, on the other hand, offer a larger scope but at the expense of image quality. Reolink TrackMix utilizes dual-lens technology to combine the best of both worlds for a comprehensive coverage solution.

The camera uses 2 4MP cameras with separate CMOS image sensors; one lens offers a wide viewing angle, while the other provides a telephoto zoom experience. The images captured by these two lenses are then merged to create a single video footage with increased depth of field, better resolution and less distortion than a conventional camera.

In addition, dual-lens technology helps this security camera achieve a much faster zoom speed than its motorized counterparts. Unlike digital zoom, which is applied through software, optical zoom is achieved by switching between the two lens using advanced imaging algorithms.

The in-camera intelligent motion detection distinguishes between people and vehicles, which greatly reduces false alarms caused by trivial movements. When suspicious activity is detected, it can immediately send an alert to your smartphone and trigger the 8 built-in spotlights and siren for instant deterrence. The camera also supports 24/7 continuous, movement-triggered and scheduled recording with flexible storage options like micro SD card, Reolink NVR and FTP server.

Night Vision

Dual lens cameras offer better image quality than single-lens cameras. They can capture a wider angle of view with the wide-angle lens and zoom into the fine details with the telephoto lens. This helps you monitor a larger area and keep an eye on every corner of your home.

Dual camera setups also enable night vision that’s rich in color and more detailed than what you can get with a single-lens camera. This is because the dual-camera systems have one lens that records ambient brightness and another that records color information. The two images are then merged using a special algorithm to produce a highly detailed and colorful picture.

Reolink Duo 2K Outdoor Dual-Lens Wi-Fi Security Camera

This dual-lens wireless security camera features twin 4 Megapixel fixed 2.8mm lenses that push a super smooth 30 frames per second. Its built-in intelligent motion detection distinguishes people and vehicles from background moving objects to reduce false alerts. If it detects a potential threat, the camera will send you an alert and activate 8 powerful in-camera spotlights. It can also trigger its siren to scare away intruders and communicate with your family members through 2-way audio.

The world’s first commercial-grade dual-lens security camera features revolutionary color night vision that doesn’t require the use of supplemental lights. The C3X uses dual cameras and dual infrared LEDs to render brighter, more natural-looking colors and richer detail without sacrificing security.