Custom LED Letter Lights

custom led letter lights

Custom LED Letter Lights

Custom LED letter lights are a great way to get your business noticed. They are available in a variety of colors and can be seen from a far distance. They can also be controlled remotely for flashing, fading and other effects.

These signs are often front lit but can also be back lit or halo lit. They are commonly used for upscale stores and professional businesses like law firms, dentists, and doctors.

Bright Colors

When it comes to color options for custom light up letters, you’ll find a range of possibilities that can help draw attention and catch the eye of potential customers. Whether you choose halo lit channel letters that offer brightly illuminated edges around the lettering or face-lit channels that use semi-transparent acrylic to illuminate your logo and wording, you’ll find that there are many options for catching the eye of passersby.

If you want an even more eye-catching option, consider a marquee sign letter that is designed to look like the open-face neon signs once used outside theaters and restaurants to attract attention. These LED signs use bright, eye-catching colors that can grab the attention of people walking or driving by and are often available in a wide range of fonts and sizes to match your business brand.

LED neon lights also consume much less power than traditional lighting and produce little heat, making them safer for outdoor usage. These signs are an energy-efficient, durable and customizable signage option that can be used to promote any business type and size. The best part is that they’re easy to install and require minimal maintenance. The LED lights can be reprogrammed for different effects, including flashing, fading and more.


The impact of your sign can be seen in many ways, including the way people interact with it. For example, a person may approach it for more information. This interaction can help you increase your business. If you want to custom led letter lights attract customers, you can use a custom LED letter set. This type of sign uses high-quality LEDs that are bright and can be controlled via a remote.

The fabricated aluminum is lightweight and anti-rust, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor signage. It can be painted any color to match your branding, with a clear backing to diffuse the light for even illumination. It can also be back-lit for a more dramatic effect. If you opt for this option, be sure to select a frosted lexan back, as mirror finishes will show all of the studs, spacers and LED modules.

If you prefer a more traditional look, we offer fabricated face lit channel letters. These signs are a popular choice for retail and service businesses. They are available in a wide variety of colors and fonts to suit any branding needs. They use LED lights which are environmentally friendly and do not contain mercury like neon or fluorescent bulbs. They are also less likely to burn out and emit little heat.

You can choose from a range of colors and even remote control your sign to change the color, flash or fade. You can also add a photocell and clock to keep your sign on at night.


Having an illuminated sign on your business’s building not only catches the eye of potential customers, but it also makes you more visible to people walking or driving by. The visibility provided by this type of sign is a crucial aspect for any company that values brand recognition. If you’re looking to attract new customers and increase your brand’s visibility, a LED lighted channel letter sign is an excellent option to consider.

Fabricated LED channel letters are available in many font sizes and styles to fit your business needs. They use energy-efficient lighting to create a vibrant glow that’s perfect for daytime and nighttime applications. These signs are UL-listed for safety and durability.

Front lit channel letters are the most popular choice for store front signage. These letters are made from stainless steel or aluminum with an acrylic face that’s illuminated with LED lighting. The lights are hidden inside of a channel letter and can be controlled with a remote or a timer to turn them on and off.

Halo lit channels are similar to front lit letters, except the light comes from the back instead of through the face of the sign. This gives the sign a more upscale look and feel and is commonly seen in professional businesses like law offices, doctors, dentists, CPA’s and other companies.


If you want your custom sign to last, it needs to be made with durable materials. A channel letter sign that is outside, for instance, will need to be resistant custom led letter lights to rust from rain and snow as well as sun damage, which can speed up the deterioration of various elements in the sign. This is especially true if the sign is located on a beach, where salt air can accelerate the degradation of materials.

Another factor to consider is the temperature of the location where your sign will be hung. Illuminated channel letters that are exposed to extremely cold temperatures can experience a reduced lifespan than those that operate in warm temperatures. Likewise, LED bulbs can lose their luminous power over time, even if they have met the manufacturer’s stated lifespan.

If you’re looking for a sign that will stand out in both daylight and nighttime, consider a hybrid option. Hybrid signs combine aspects of front lit, halo lit, and push through signage to create a custom design that will work for your business. This type of signage is often used by professional businesses such as law offices, CPAs, doctors, dentists, and more. They offer a more upscale look and feel that can complement your business’s image. The hybrid signage also helps to attract customers from a distance, since it stands out against other nearby buildings and objects.