Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

ultrasonic tube sealer

Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

An ultrasonic tube sealer is a machine that uses sonic vibrations to seal tubes. It is safe, easy to operate, and environmentally friendly.

Compared with heat sealing methods, ultrasonic technology is more energy efficient and requires less raw material. It can also be used in a wider range of applications.

1. It is easy to operate

An ultrasonic tube sealer is an excellent choice for sealing tubes. It is easy to operate and does not require any tooling.

The sealer uses a high-frequency vibration to generate heat at the molecular level of the tube wall, which causes the plastic to soften and bond together. It is a very reliable seal method that can be used to enclose all types of products, especially those that are sensitive to heat such as cheese or fresh produce.

During the process of sealing, the anvil and sonotrode vibrate at very high speeds to create acoustic vibrations that heat the material. This results in a strong weld that is not only secure, but also durable and consistent.

Another advantage of an ultrasonic tube sealer is that it can be used with a wide range of materials, including aluminum-plastic tubes and composite pipes. This makes it ideal for food and chemical industry applications as well as toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, and other similar products.

The machine can be used with special tube holding pucks to ensure your product is held straight during the sealing process. You can even choose to have the tube holding pucks equipped with a number/letter set for batch stamping of your unique product name and lot numbers.

When using an ultrasonic tube sealer, you can run up to 15 tubes per minute, making this the perfect machine for smaller volume runs. It can also be retrofitted into existing tube filling machinery as an alternative to hot air sealing.

Aside from being easy to operate, an ultrasonic tube sealer is also environmentally friendly. It uses only a small amount of energy to complete the whole process, which means less power is required and therefore your company will save on energy costs.

The ultrasonic tube sealer is also highly effective for joining film. This is achieved by focusing the energy from the ultrasonic waves. This is possible either through joint design or through the use of sonotrodes and anvils. The result is a very secure, precise, and consistent weld that is strong enough to withstand extreme conditions.

2. It is safe

Ultrasonic tube sealer is a safe and easy way to seal plastic tubes. It uses high-frequency vibration to heat and melt the plastic material that is being sealed, resulting in a ultrasonic tube sealer tight seal. This method also requires less energy than other sealing methods, which reduces production costs.

Another advantage of ultrasonic sealing is that it offers important product safety benefits. The vibrations eliminate product residues from the sealing area, preventing them from being transferred to the product during transport or storage. This prevents product damage and makes the packaging more attractive to consumers.

For example, it is often used in the pharmaceutical industry to package ointments and other products. It also helps with the removal of chemicals from other types of packaging such as blisters and containers.

The ultrasonic technology has many advantages compared to other sealing techniques, including a small seal, low energy consumption, and a nice-looking shape. It is also a quick and cost-effective method to seal plastic tubes.

It is also a safe and reliable method to use because the tooling does not have to be heated up to join the tubes together, which eliminates the risk of damaging the materials or products during the process. It is a great option for manufacturers that need to package heat-sensitive items, such as chocolate.

Other factors that contribute to its safety include its ability to weld dissimilar materials, its fast cycle time, and its consistent weld quality. This ensures that the finished product will be durable and withstand use in an environment where it is exposed to harsh conditions.

In addition, ultrasonic welding is also a safer alternative to conventional brazing. It is also explosion-proof, and can be used to replace brazing methods that are incompatible with flammable refrigerants.

TECH-SONIC manufactures a wide variety of tube sealers that are designed to meet the needs of different industries. We offer the STS-20P semi-automatic model that seals tubes at up to 20 tubes per minute and cuts them into professional-looking products. It is perfect for low volume production jobs, lab use, and customer sales demos.

3. It is environmentally friendly

An ultrasonic tube sealer is an environmentally friendly machine that can be used for a variety of different applications. It is able to produce a clean and accurate seal without the use of heat, making it a great choice for any plastic-based tubes.

It is also a good option for packaging products that need to be protected from the elements. It is also safe to use and will not compromise the quality of the product inside the tube. It is a popular option for toothpaste and cosmetics manufacturers, as it can ensure that the tube is sealed without any damage to the product.

Another advantage of an ultrasonic tube sealer is that it is easy to operate. It does not require a ultrasonic tube sealer warm up time, so it is very convenient to use. It is also very efficient and can seal a large number of tubes in a short amount of time.

This is a great benefit for companies that are looking to increase their profits by reducing waste and improving their sustainability record. It is especially important for the food industry because it can help reduce packaging material and energy costs, as well as decrease the amount of wastage that occurs from leaking and damaged products.

Moreover, an ultrasonic tube sealer is a cost-effective alternative to traditional heat sealing methods. This is because it is able to produce a more precise and accurate seal, allowing for a much faster sealing rate than traditional methods.

The ultrasonic tube sealer is a great solution for any plastic-based tubes, and can be used in a variety of industries including toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, food, and more. It is also a great way to save space on your production floor as it can be easily integrated into new or existing machines.

It is an ideal alternative to the traditional method of hot-air sealing because it produces a more accurate and clean seal, and does not damage the product inside the tube. It is able to seal a wide range of different materials, and is also easy to maintain.

4. It is economical

An ultrasonic tube sealer is an automatic tube filling and sealing machine that dispenses a precise amount of product into a plastic tube and then closes the end of the tube to create a secure, effective, and sanitary seal. This type of equipment can be used to produce many different types of products, including creams, lotions, and ointments.

One of the primary benefits of using an ultrasonic tube sealer is that it is incredibly affordable. It is also easy to operate and maintain. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of floor space or electricity.

The first part of the process is to load the tubes into the machine. Then, the tubes are filled with the desired product and sealed with ultrasonic waves. The seal is extremely reliable and resistant to moisture or temperature changes, ensuring that the products remain fresh and intact during storage and transportation.

Another advantage of the ultrasonic sealing method is that it is able to create a smaller seal than heat sealing. This can help companies save money over time, as it reduces the amount of raw material needed for production.

In addition, the smaller seal created by an ultrasonic sealing system can be easier to clean, reducing product waste and contamination. This is important to the food industry, as it can improve the appearance of the packaging and ensure that the product is safe for consumers.

Besides, the ultrasonic sealing process is a lot cleaner than other methods of sealing, and it doesn’t leave behind any residues or oils. This makes it ideal for use in the cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

It is also a good choice for nut butter manufacturers. A nut butter producer recently switched from a thermal sealing process to ultrasonic welding for its seals and experienced improved weld integrity, zero seal failures in testing and a 900% increase in stores carrying their product.

In order to achieve the correct seal, an ultrasonic power supply converts 50/60 Hz electrical energy to 30,000 cycles per second through a horn (or other transducer). Once this energy is applied, it vibrates against the seal area at a high rate of speed. The vibration causes the seal to melt and form a strong bond between the tube and the surrounding material. The seal will then be held closed for a brief period of time to complete the sealing process.

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