Ultra Reflector LED Light Bar

Ultra Reflector led light bar

Ultra Reflector LED Light Bar

LED light bars are the perfect way to illuminate your off-roading adventures. They come in a variety of sizes, from 14 inch Single Row to 50 inch Dual Row, and include everything you need for easy mounting.

They use powerful 5 watt CREE LED chips. Nobody else does this!


The Ultra Reflector led light bar comes with a 50,000+ hour life span, high lumens per watt, and is Ultra Reflector led light bar encased in a durable waterproof and weatherproof housing. Each light bar also includes a wiring harness, relay, and switch for quick installation to get you on the road faster.

The XPR curved housing features IRIS Reflector Technology to project powerful, long-distance spot beams in a smaller and thinner housing than other Vision X LED light bars. Each bar is available in a selection of color options to match any vehicle and provide high-visibility on the road, whether you’re traveling down dark back country roads or making your way through city streets.

This slim led light bar is designed to mount on the license plate mount, bull bar, or the front bumper of trucks, cars, SUVs, UTVs, and ATVs. It’s equipped with a dual-row of LEDs, giving you the option to choose between a combo or flood beam pattern. The CREE LEDs in this unit produce a powerful beam at a low amp draw. The LEDs are regularly spaced for uniform lighting intensity nearby your truck. The angled LEDs also help to cut through dirt, dust, rain, snow, and fog. Powered by Prime Drive technology, the XPR series provides thermal management for longer life spans and optimal performance. This patented technology allows Vision X to push their LED chips to the limits without overheating.


This CREE LED light bar is powered by powerful LEDs to create a bright beam of light, with low amp draw. It is designed to fit into a bull bar or grill, and comes with everything you need for easy installation. This light is available in 14 inch Single Row and 50 inch Dual Row to suit a wide range of applications, and is built to handle the toughest off road conditions.

This LED light is also incredibly powerful, able to illuminate objects up to 1000 meters away. This is much farther than the average light bar on the market, and provides excellent visibility while driving at night. The optics are also very clear, which is a major improvement over some cheaper Chinese lights.

Another big advantage of this LED light is the fact that it uses 5 watt LED chips, while other lights only use 3 watt chips. This is because Vision X has invented a technology called Prime Drive that no one else can replicate, and allows them to push the LED chips to their limits while thermally managing them for optimal performance.

This LED light is also incredibly waterproof, with an IP67 rating. This means it is fully sealed against water, dust and other debris, making it ideal for any off-road adventure. It also has a stylish appearance, and is designed to fit the contours of your vehicle for a custom look.


The projector lens of this LED light bar produces a powerful spot beam that illuminates the ground, making it ideal for offroad applications. This projector lens provides a wider field of view than traditional reflectors, resulting in increased coverage and visibility. It is also street-legal in most states, so you can use it on Ultra Reflector led light bar public roads. The projector lens is available in various configurations to suit your needs.

The Quake Ultra Color Series light bars are designed to withstand the harshest offroad environments. These dual-row lights are encased in die-cast aluminum housings and feature lenses that harness Quake’s hybrid optic system. This allows them to produce monstrous luminosity without sacrificing durability. The aluminum housings are also rustproof and black powder coated.

This LED light bar is IP68 rated for water and dust resistance, making it suitable for any off-road environment. It is also backed by a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. It has a wide voltage range, which makes it compatible with most vehicles. It has quick cooling aluminum alloy heat sinks, which help to improve its lifespan. Additionally, it has a built-in circuit board to protect against flashing and overcurrent/voltage, as well as a breather that eliminates condensation. It has a variety of mounting options, including 360deg side mounts and rigid side mounts.


Unlike HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights which require a ballast and take up more room on your machine, LED light bars are compact and can be mounted anywhere. They draw minimal power, are cheaper to run, and reach peak brightness instantly. They are perfect for ATV and UTV owners that want to upgrade their lighting capabilities, without spending a fortune.

This Rigid Industries D-SS Pro LED light bar is a great option for ATV and UTV owners on a budget. It’s designed with a spot and flood pattern that provides a wide range of lighting for a better view of the trail or woods ahead. It uses OSRAM LED chips and is shock and vibration proof. It also comes with a wiring harness for easy installation.

The slender design of this Z10 light bar makes it an ideal choice for ATV and UTV owners looking to upgrade their lighting. It is available in a variety of lengths and configurations, including a slim 6D lens design that emits a powerful dazzling light at an affordable price.

There are many LED light bar and pod options out there, and it’s important to find the right one for your ride. Aside from a quality light, you’ll want to consider the mounting location and how much space you have on your ride. If you have a lot of room, a dual row LED light bar may be the way to go, as it produces twice as much light as single-row units.

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