Lithium Battery Supplier Database

Lithium Battery Supplier Database

Lithium Battery Supplier

Lithium battery suppliers can be a great resource for any business. They can help with sales, marketing, customer service, and even product design. You can find a variety of lithium batteries in many different forms and capacities, so you can be sure to find the right product for your needs. However, before you order, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal on your purchase.

GOTION High-tech

Gotion High-tech is one of the leading power battery manufacturers in China. It also has a strong R&D capability. The company’s main products include power lithium batteries, ternary batteries, and electric transformation and transmission equipment.

From January to August 2022, Gotion installed 7.98GWh of power batteries in China. During that period, the company also signed a Procurement Fixed-point Agreement (PFPA) with Volkswagen. This agreement indicates that the two companies will enter into a strategic cooperation, as well as a production and delivery contract for standard battery cells.

GOTION aims to build a complete industrial chain, including the development and industrialization of lithium carbonate, as well as the production of front-end and back-end battery raw materials. GOTION plans to invest 11.5 billion RMB in these projects. In addition, the company will establish a joint venture with JEMSE, the National Energy and Mining Company of the Argentine Province of Jujuy, to set up a lithium carbonate production line in the province.

As of May, Gotion was the fourth largest cell manufacturer in China. GOTION has already achieved the production of 210 Wh/kg and 260 Wh/kg lithium iron phosphate cells. However, the company has not publicly disclosed high-end electric vehicles powered by these cells.

GOTION is developing semi-solid state batteries. In 2022, the company will release a semi-solid battery with 360 Wh/kg energy density. According to Li, the company will start the industrialization of the cell with a vigor.

GOTION has established a strong raw material guarantee system. This system enables the company to provide continuous improvements for the battery technology based on the chemical system. GOTION’s cell electrolyte uses non-flammable fluorinated solvents, which help prevent thermal runaway events.

Envision AESC

Envision AESC, a lithium battery supplier, is a company whose focus is on selling batteries to car manufacturers. They are committed to advancing technology and providing pioneering batteries with high performance and maximum efficiency.

Envision AESC is one of the largest battery suppliers in the world. Its headquarters are in Japan but its operations are also spread across the United States, Europe and China. The battery supplier is currently planning to build two Lithium Battery Supplier more factories in Japan. And it has a total of 12 production facilities around the globe.

Envision AESC produces battery cells in 46 mm diameter packages. These are available in soft packages and square packages. They can store 460 Wh/L, which is 20 percent more than the current generation. This new-generation battery cell will offer higher energy density and longer range. Moreover, the new-generation batteries will reduce the charging time.

With a growing footprint in the US, Envision AESC continues to drive the development of the EV battery supply chain. In addition, Envision AESC plans to expand the number of production plants in the US to ten by 2025. Additionally, they are investing in a new 30 GWh battery plant in South Carolina.

Envision AESC also announced a multi-year partnership with the BMW Group. They will collaborate on developing intelligent IoT solutions, renewable energy and carbon management. The partnership will enable Envision to manufacture the latest generation battery cells for the BMW EVs.

Envision AESC is a subsidiary of Chinese green energy firm Envision Group. With 4,000 employees and a global reach, it focuses on manufacturing batteries for car companies. Their battery cells are based on innovative materials and use a combination of advanced technologies to ensure maximum performance and safety.


REPT is a Chinese lithium battery supplier based in Wenzhou. It aims to become one of the top four global lithium battery firms in the next few years. It primarily manufactures high-power lithium-ion batteries.

REPT has developed different series products including 72Ah, 100Ah, 320Ah models. The company also has a wide range of energy storage systems. These include household, industrial, and commercial energy storage. Moreover, it has a diverse client base. Many of its clients are EPC (electric power company) firms.

Its products are used in electric cars, passenger cars, heavy trucks, and urban electric buses. Besides, it offers ternary and VDA standard-size batteries. Moreover, it has a foothold in key separator films.

Its technology is capable of boosting the volumetric energy density of its lithium-ion power battery by 15%. In addition, its battery cells are also able to maintain their size. This is thanks to the integrated welding technology it has adopted.

REPT focuses on providing innovative power energy solutions. It has developed various battery clusters, including COOL I and COOL II, which are designed for customized integrated solutions.

It has established two major bases, including its home base in Wenzhou and an overseas production base in Liuzhou. Currently, the company’s annual production capacity is 26GWh. However, it aims to increase its total capacity to over 50GWh. Moreover, it has plans to increase its investment by more than 10 billion yuan.

As one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers in China, the company has a diverse product portfolio. Among them, Grade A REPT batteries are perfect for BEVs. They are known for their high charge/discharge rate and cycle life.

Apart from this, the company has also recently released new power battery technologies. Those technologies are geared toward enhancing the performance and prolonging the charging cycle of its batteries.


Lithium batteries power some of our modern day staples, from mobile phones to laptops and even the latest electric cars. It’s no wonder that the industry is a competitive one. Having a well-rounded supply chain is a critical requisite for staying afloat in a highly contested market. The NAATBatt Lithium Battery Supply Chain Database is a valuable resource for manufacturers, distributors, resellers and end-users alike. Whether you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of lithium battery manufacturing, or you’re just looking to pick up some industry dos and don’ts, this database is your ticket to success.

PMBL Limited is an illustrious name in the UK battery pack manufacturing industry, having garnered some pretty enviable accolades. Among the company’s many awards and honors are a prestigious industry award for battery pack innovation and a spot in the Hall of Fame for excellence in battery Lithium Battery Supplier manufacturing. Founded in 2006, the company has been responsible for a number of significant innovations in the field of batteries, including the creation of the first commercially viable alkaline battery, and the development of a specialized lithium polymer battery. With expertise in the battery pack space, the company has the ability to provide customers with superior quality batteries at a competitive price.

The database is updated regularly, as the li-ion battery technology evolves. Some of the key players include the likes of Cell-Con, PMBL, Zeus Battery Products, and ProTechnologies. These companies have a knack for recognizing the best opportunities and capturing them in spades. As the industry’s most trusted lithium battery manufacturing partners, the aforementioned companies can help you maximize the value of your next battery investment. From manufacturing to service, the aforementioned leaders have what it takes to get your product on the road.


Northvolt is a lithium battery supplier in Europe. It has worked with several automakers, including Volvo. The company is planning to build a new gigafactory in Sweden, which will produce 32 GWh of energy per year, enough to power half a million electric vehicles.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, global sales of electric vehicles could hit 28 million units by 2025. Electrification is the fastest-growing segment of the automotive industry, with more than a million EVs sold last year. In the meantime, the European Union is pushing manufacturers to reduce their emissions, with an ecodesign directive that requires them to minimize energy consumption and carbon footprints.

As part of its plan to build a greener future, Northvolt will produce its batteries from renewable sources. A pilot line in Vasteras, Sweden, will be producing sample cells soon. By 2030, Northvolt wants to have an annual cell production capacity of 150 GWh.

To help ensure a sustainable energy future, Northvolt will build its gigafactory in northern Sweden. The plant will use 100% renewable energy. Moreover, it will recycle all of the water used in processes.

Northvolt’s supply chain is vertically integrated. This means the company will deal directly with mining companies and refineries to minimize transportation emissions.

The company plans to start commercial deliveries in 2022. It’s also working on developing a highly automated cell-disassembly system. These processes are expected to reduce the cost of making a battery by cutting out intermediaries.

Northvolt hopes to have a European anode, which would result in a lower carbon footprint. Stora Enso, a Finnish producer of hard carbon, will source the material. And Northvolt will collaborate with the company to develop the best methods of converting lignin, a natural polymer, into hard carbon.

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