heart inflatables

Heart Inflatables

Heart-shaped inflatables are a fun way to decorate your home. They are also a great way to promote your business or special event.

The middle schoolers modeled and designed the experience. They fabricated sleeves that resemble blood pressure cuffs that wrap around printed models of the heart and aorta. When connected to a system, the air from these sleeves can be tuned to realistically contract and constrict each model.

Heart-Shaped Pool Inflatable

The ultimate pool float to show your love. This heart-shaped float is big enough for two to relax on. It also features a built-in cooler for your favorite summer drinks. It’s a must-have for any pool party or wedding shower.

If you’re looking to add a touch of romance to your pool party, look no further than this heart-shaped inflatable pool. It’s large enough to fit multiple people, and it even comes with a convenient cup holder.

If you’re planning a summer wedding or other romantic event, this heart-shaped inflatable can be customized with your logo or message for an extra fee. It’s also a great option for promoting your brand at events or parties. You can even get a personalized pink heart pool floatie for the bridesmaids to make them feel special. Add a custom vinyl decal for an added touch of style that will be sure to turn heads in all your Instagram pics. This float is also available for rent year-round. Contact a Creatable Inflatables prop expert for details.

Heart-Shaped Pool Float

If you love to lounge on the pool deck, this heart-shaped pool float will be the perfect addition to your summer collection. It features a fun pink glitter finish and is sure to turn heads on your next pool party or beach day. The inflatable is durable and features a patch kit for easy repairs when needed.

This heart-shaped pool float makes a great gift for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. It is available for purchase or rental and can be personalized with your own message or company logo. The prop is ideal for creating a heartwarming photo op for your special someone or for advertising your business in a unique way.

Float the day away with your best friend on this super-sized double heart pool float. The float can hold up to two people and is made of high-quality PVC. The pink float is ready for customization with any text of your choice. heart inflatables Add a custom vinyl decal to make the float even more insta-worthy for an additional charge. Each float ships flat and requires air to inflate (application instructions will be included).

Heart-Shaped Water Slide

You can’t go wrong with this heart-shaped water slide. Not only does it feature a splash pool, but also a climbing wall and two water slides so kids can race each other to the bottom. Plus, it inflates in just a few minutes with the air blower included.

You’ll be glad to know that this inflatable is made with puncture-proof materials and features a wear-resistant coating. That means it can handle a heart inflatables lot of rough play from rowdy kids without getting damaged. It can also support multiple kids at the same time, which is ideal for big parties.

This water slide has a weight limit of 350 lbs and is easy to set up. The air blower and ground stakes are both included with the purchase. And if you want to add extra fun, this model can be used with an optional water recirculation kit. The kit recycles the collected water from the splash pool and carries it back up to the top of the slide, saving you money on water costs. It also extends the life of your inflatable water slide.

Heart-Shaped Water Bounce

The cute design of this pink heart-shaped inflatable makes it eye-catching to little girls. Its sturdy commercial quality is ideal for party rentals, and its heavy duty fan and internal c7 watt lights are included with the rental to provide glowing nighttime display options.

Kids can learn about the circulatory system with hands-on activities and games. For example, this activity compares the chambers of the heart to rooms in a house, using simple visual tools that young children understand. Another fun way to teach about the heart and blood vessels is to use red and blue Play-Doh to make arteries, veins, and capillaries.

Kids can also listen to their own hearts by making a model with plastic bottles and straws. Then, they can breath into the model to make it “beat” in rhythm with their own pulse. To really get a sense of how fast the heart pumps, have kids push a toothpick into a marshmallow and hold it against an upturned wrist. The toothpick will bounce up and down with every heartbeat, just like the human heart.

Heart-Shaped Beach Ball

There are large beach toys, and then there’s this beach ball, aptly dubbed the “Beach Behemoth” by Reddit user mas1234. (opens in new tab) It may look like the bright primary-colored inflatable you see cheery intros to family-friendly sitcoms, but based on this now-viral Amazon review(opens in new tab), it is truly terrifying.

Upgrade your summer fun with this inflatable Heart Beach Ball from Sunnylife, an Australian lifestyle brand. Little ones will love bouncing it around for hours on end, as it’s filled with free-flowing confetti that glitters as it moves.

This giant heart-shaped prop can be purchased or rented for your next event. It’s an eye-catching way to declare your love or promote your brand. Contact a Creatable Inflatables prop expert for details on putting this loveable design to work for you at your next event or corporate promotion.

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