Escalator Comb Plate

Escalator Comb Plate


Regardless, the comb plate effect tool is a really crucial safety and security function of an escalator, as well as has actually been required per ASME A17.1 Security Code because the very early 1990’s. Detection of either vertical or straight movement in a comb plate is vital for the safety and security of the riding public. KONE Saves has two various upgrades for this gadget, as well as a device to make certain this attribute is changed correctly– no issue what brand or design escalator you’re servicing.

Escalator Comb Plate

L47312022A escalator comb plate from factory $4.50 $30.00 L47312023A escalator comb plate from manufacturing facility $4.50 $30.00 SMR313609 one collection escalator brush plate cost from factory $25.00 $50.00 730706-R Thyssenkrupp AVANT Escalator Comb Plate $28.00 $35.00 730706-L escalator comb plate for thyssenkrupp AVANTE $28.00 $35.00 Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 … 14

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The comb plate is situated at both ends of an escalator or relocating stroll, where the relocating actions meet the repaired touchdown part. The comb plate has teeth, which are aligned with the recess of …

comb plate escalator

4090140000 4090110000 escalator comb plate The escalator comb plate is located at both ends of the leave entrance, to assist in passenger shift as well as engage with steps, pedals or automatic walkway tape. Completions are rounded as well as shaped to minimize the threat of foot securing between actions, pedals or tape.

Escalator Comb Plate Influence Device Spring Reliability Upgrade

Escalator Comb Plate Effect Gadget Spring Integrity Upgrade. Discovery of comb plate movement in either the horizontal or vertical direction is required by Code. The comb influence tool is created to close the electric motor off and turn on the brake in the occasion that comb plate motion is found. This is important for the safety of the riding public. An improved layout comb plate influence device is readily available for existing Montgomery/KONE human resources Series escalators that make use of a cone-shaped spring washer …

comb plate escalator

Trendy As well as Distinct escalator comb layers For Occasions –

EscalatorCombPlates(1054productsoffered)1/6EscalatorcombplateDSA2000169-M$1.00/item1 comb plate escalator piece(MinOrder)CNXi’anXiyingTradingCo.,Ltd.4YRS4.6(12)”excellentsolution”CallProvider1/2XAA453AV2EscalatorTravelatorCombPlate(CTR)XOCP2076$6.00-$15.00/item1.0item(MinutesOrder)CNJIEFENGE&ECO.,LTD.9YRS5.0(27)

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Write-up 34 -Escalator Comb Dimensions and Safety And Security Needs

Escalator Comb Dimensions and Safety And Security Needs. In this write-up we plan to describe regarding escalator comb dimensions and also safety needs which should be considered as well as are as below: Combs are toothed components at both landings, chosen the comb plate and mesh with the grooves of the action or pallet surface and also are made use of to ensure security of the traveler by prevention of trapping and pinching in the voids in between the step surface area of the action and the comb plate.

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Brush plate Comb plate TECT0600 Comb plate Type 57, 68 & 72 – Silver – 25 teeth aluminium Also offered in Yellow. Enquire Now TECT0601 Comb plate Kind 722 – Silver – 24 teeth aluminium Also readily available in Yellow. Enquire Now TECT0602 Comb plate Velino – Silver – 24 teeth aliminium Enquire Now

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