Door Controller/ Inverter– Primary Step Elevators

Door Controller/ Inverter– Primary Step Elevators

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This product has been stopped and removed from our racks. iAStar-S2 lift door inverter, as its name indicates, is a regularity inverter especially for elevator door control and also various other types of automated door control also. It is made based upon vector control as well as V/F control innovations, and includes small as well as reasonable framework, little size, straightforward wire link, as well as very easy screening and also commissioning, and so on. Users can likewise pick a lift door inverter with specifications …

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ComponentCall:ElevatorDoorController.Spec:Termofrepayment:T/T,Westernunion,Paypal,L/Candmore.Delivery elevator door inverter time:Regarding3-5functioningdaysversussettlementdone.Plan:Requirementcontainerpackaging.Deliveringways:DHL,FedEx,UPS/TNT,AMERAX,EMS,AIR,SEA,aswellasetc.Warrantytime:Oneyearfromorderjustfortheidealproblem.

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NICE900 Queen Lift Door Controller Inverter NICE-D-A-SOP2 NICE-D-A-SOP4; Sigma Lift Door Controller Inverter ACVF 1.5 A 0.5 KVA 0.37 kw; Xizi OTIS Elevator Door Controller Lift Drive Door Controller Easy-Con-T DO3000; Otis Lift Door Controller Drive Inverter DCSS IV GFA24350AW11; Original Lift Fermator Door Controller Inverter VVVF4+ VF4+

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Initial Elevator Door Controller, Door Inverter, Door … WoWElevator. Original Lift Door Controller, Door Inverter, Door Converter NSFC01-01A-WoWElevator. Key Food selection. WhatsApp Us.+(86 )18268001312.

Email Us. WeChat. 18268001312. Initial Fermator Elevator Door Equipment Inverter VF5+

Initial KONE Elevator AMDC Wheel KM601275G01, Door pulley-block Roller KM601275G01 Original Elevator TT Service Tool Used for XIOLIFT/OTIS/XIZI UNITE SMART/XMCB Elevators, Lift Test Tool (Debugger) GAA21750AK3

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Inverter For Elevator Door- uses 886 inverter for elevator door products. A wide array of inverter for elevator door alternatives are offered to you, such as output power, type, and also output type.

Original BLT Lift Door Inverter VVVF Controller DCM3A

Initial KONE Lift A1 Drive Board KM936078G01, KDL16R Inverter PCB KM936078G04, KM936079H05 Original Mitsubishi Elevator Jump Show Board LHH-1200EG24, LOP Display PCB LHH-1200CGS24 LHH-1200CAG Item groups

Low voltage electric motor drive Inverter for elevators – Meidensha

ItemFunctions.Itisaslimtypeinverterformakerroom-lesslifts.Itsthicknessis90mmtomakesurethatitcanbeinstalledintheareainbetweenthe elevator door inverter wallsurfaceinthehoistwayandalsothecage.Itcanrunbymulti-steprateorspeedcommandbyserialcommunication.

Door Controller/ Inverter– Very First Step Lifts

Panasonic lift door inverter AAD03020DKT01 Specs : Input: 1ph,200-230v,50/ 60Hz 5.3 A, 1.2 KVA Outcome: 3ph.200-230v, 2.4 A, 1.0 KVA

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