Buying a Playground Set

playground set

Buying a Playground Set

A playground set is a great way for kids to channel their energy and imagination. It can also help them improve their balance and gross motor skills.

This wooden playset features a cool platform clubhouse, wavy slide and trio of swings, as well as monkey bars and a climbing wall. It’s ideal for kids up to six years old and easy to assemble.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II

Backyard Discovery is a big-time name in playsets, and the Skyfort II is one soft play equipment of their larger options. It isn’t cheap, but it does have a lot of play value to keep kids entertained for quite some time.

It’s rated for up to nine children at once, each weighing up to 150 pounds – that’s the size of many adults. The set also includes a 5-foot rock wall and full-size monkey bar set to give older kids the climbing challenge they crave. It also has a flat-step ladder and a fully covered upper clubhouse with wooden roof to offer protection from the elements.

Parents love how the set has a mix of activities to accommodate all ages and energy levels. Children who prefer to play quietly can stay in the raised clubhouse and enjoy a sandbox while more rambunctious kids can climb, slide, and swing to their hearts’ content.

The only drawbacks to this set are that the weight limit is pretty high and the monkey bars can be a bit too high for little ones. Also, some reviewers have complained that the set can lose interest for kids once they hit age 10, especially because the swings are so close together.

KidKraft Toddler Swing Set & Climber

The KidKraft toddler swing set is the perfect playset for any small yard. It features two belt swings and a saucer swing to hold up to three kids at once, plus a 9-foot wavy slide. The primary-colored swings have soft rubber grips and plastic caps that prevent pinching, while rounded corners reduce the chance of splinters. This playset requires assembly and includes all necessary tools and lumber.

This set is ideal for kids who prefer swinging to climbing, but still need plenty of physical activities to keep them active and engaged. The wood-constructed set is low to the ground and has an affordable price tag. It also has a sturdy roof to protect children from the sun and the elements.

The playset is easy to assemble and comes with all required hardware, lumber and detailed step-by-step instructions. Its compact footprint makes it a good choice soft play equipment for smaller yards, and it also folds flat for storage when not in use. The playground is made from high-quality materials and carries a one-year warranty on all accessories and a limited ten-year warranty on the lumber. It has a maximum capacity of seven kids and is suitable for kids ages 3 to 11. Other features include a rock climbing wall, rope ladder, tunnel slide, built-in tic-tac-toe areas, telescope and steering wheel stations, and crow’s nest deck heights on larger models.

Sportspower Super Star Swing Set

With its bright colors and sturdy construction, this kids swing set is the perfect addition to any backyard. It includes three belt swings, a trapeze bar, and a 9-foot wavy slide that can be used by toddlers and preschoolers alike. The chains on the swings are fully coated to prevent snags and pinches, and plastic caps cover any sharp edges.

It’s easy to see why parents love this Sportspower swing set: It has a small footprint and inexpensive price tag, yet it doesn’t skimp on fun for the kids. It can accommodate up to seven children at once, with two swing seats, a glider, and a saucer swing that can hold up to two kids. Plus, it’s made of heavy-duty steel to ensure safety and durability.

Regardless of which type of playground set you choose, it’s important to scout the area where you plan to place it before making a purchase. Consider how much space you have available, as well as the shade level of your yard (this is better for long-term play). And make sure that it’s close to a gate or fence so that you can keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing outside. And don’t forget to add a sandbox to give kids another opportunity to play and get some exercise.

KidKraft A-Frame Swing Set & Climber

If you’re looking for a playset that won’t take up much space or empty your wallet, this affordable wooden option is an excellent choice. It has everything kids need for outdoor adventure: a pair of swings, a wavy slide, a climbing wall and a shaded clubhouse. It’s easy to assemble and comes with pre-cut, pre-stained and pre-drilled lumber. This set is also all-weather and can withstand the elements.

Parents appreciate that this toddler-friendly playset doesn’t have small objects that toddlers may knock into, as well as being low to the ground for safety. The set includes a saucer swing and belt swing, as well as a rock wall that doubles as a staircase. It’s a great addition to any backyard and is also portable enough to take indoors during bad weather.

With plenty of climbing, soaring and hiding to be done, this playground set is perfect for children up to 6 years old. The climber has a fort with a side exit and window that lets little ones plan exciting campout adventures. The set also has a ringing bell, canvas flap doors and a side door that opens to let kids out when the fun is over. It’s easy to assemble and clean, as well as being lightweight for effortless moving around the yard.

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